Nokia, Ovi Store and seriousness

Jernej Virag

September 29, 2010

In my earlier post when I was ranting over I posted a screenshot of Prevoz application for Nokia mobile phones. It is a WRT widget developed as part of Nokia App Forum competition.

The application has been complete for some time now and it was submitted to Ovi Store a little less than a month ago. Since then, we received response after 8 days, that there is a typo in metadata. We fixed the typo and re-submitted the application for review. The situation since then is shown on the image:


In 24 days, they have been unable to review a simple little WRT widget written for their timed competition, where number of downloads in certain time span (which started running a month ago) is what determines the winner. In total that means it has been 32 days since application has been submitted to Ovi store for the first time and it still hasn't received the first review. After all the stupid Nokia decisions, which make development for their platform a hell on earth, the completely absurd review process for Ovi store pretty much puts the last nail in the coffin of Nokia development.

My recommendation: go develop for Android or iOS. Better documentation, better support, faster review and you can actually get your application released in due time. Let Nokia die and disappear into history where is belongs.