Prevoz 2.0 for Android finally out of the limbo

Jernej Virag

July 21, 2011

There is a writing on the wall of my workplace tea room that states “If you're not ashamed of version 1.0, you haven't shipped soon enough”. Well, the original version of application made for Mobitel competition was bad enough to prevent me from showing it to people :). The tabbed interface felt clunky even at the original release and Android application moved away from that interface paradigm awhile ago. Also the design would cause alot of serious implementation problems with new features.

So in light of those problems and latest Prevoz legal developments I've finally managed to finish up version 2.0 of the Android mobile application and publish it on Android Market.

Sadly it does not have any significant new features, but it does feature reworked interface, which is easier to use and look at. Under-the-hood improvements should speed the application up and make it more reliable as well.

Screenshot Screenshot

All comments on the application are welcome :)