Apache Solr Webcamp talk slides and links

Jernej Virag

April 26, 2014

This week, on april 26th, I gave a talk about Solr basics on WebCamp Ljubljana. Here I'm listing the slides, tips and the relevant links for anyone starting up with Solr.

Here I'm listing relevant links from the slide-deck which are good starting point for Solr deployment.

Reference guide

Apache Solr Reference Guide / Wiki - Use this for main reference, for some reson all Google links go to obsolete Solr Wiki.

Points of interest in the reference guide:

Language analysis - Guides for Solr configuration for different languages

Filter reference guide - List of all Lucene filters available in Solr with descriptions

Character filter reference guide - List of all Lucene filters working on character level (e.g. ščž -> scz collapse, punctuation removal, etc.)

Configuration examples

Basic Solr Home - a minimal Solr home configuration with two cores configured for slovene and english language

NewsBuddy - an opensource full-text search site for news articles. It has a nice example of how to effectively configure Solr for Slovenian articles.

LemmaGen Slovenian lemmatizer - Solr plugin for slovenian lemmatization

Solr libraries

Solr Client Libraries - List of Solr client libraries

PySolarized - My Solr/Python communication library with multilanguage support

Slide deck

EDIT: Video is now available on Webcamp Video site.