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WebM web video encoding tutorial with FFMpeg

Previously I wrote about encoding H.264 video for web. Since video support in browsers is kind of a mess, you’ll be forced to re-encode videos to WebM (VP8/vorbis) format sooner or later if you want HTML5 playback. FFMpeg is able to use the official libvpx library, which makes it pretty easy. However, the support is still slightly buggy and the parameter mapping is non-obvious if you’re used to encoding to other formats.

Web video lecture published

About a week ago Webcamp Ljubljana happened and among other awesome web-related knowledge I’ve also given an overview lecture on what do you need to encode, stream and play video on the web. The lecture mostly outlines current web format war, different methods of video delivery and different methods of playing videos. The lecture was given in Slovenian language and is available on videos site. All WebcampLJ videos are hosted by us (Viidea ;)) and I very much recommend seeing them, they contain several gold nuggets of knowledge.

Prevoz 2.0 for Android finally out of the limbo

There is a writing on the wall of my workplace tea room that states “If you’re not ashamed of version 1.0, you haven’t shipped soon enough”. Well, the original version of application made for Mobitel competition was bad enough to prevent me from showing it to people :). The tabbed interface felt clunky even at the original release and Android application moved away from that interface paradigm awhile ago. Also the design would cause alot of serious implementation problems with new features.

Bicikel app updated

As karma has it, the Bicikel app had a pretty noticeable bug after being released - if the phone took some time to lock its location, the station list did not sort correctly. Also, the full station map view didn’t really show any useful information beyond the station position. So now I released Bicikel 1.1 for Android with bugfixes and new station list and map coloring, so the user can see stations that are either full or empty at first glance.

Rent-a-cycle info in Ljubljana, project done

Bicike(LJ) is a rent-a-cycle project in Ljubljana, where you can rent bikes from pre-built stations and use them for fast and rather efficient transport across the city. It’s cheap (renting a bike for up to one hour is free) and the bikes are comfortable enough. However, now there are problems in the evenings with stations in the city center being empty and the outlying stations being full. There’s nothing more annoying than cycling across the city in the middle of the night and finding that your station is full and you can’t park your bike there.

A new project is born: recorded lectures and slides

Lately I’ve watched several recorded video lectures and I’ve noticed, that usually I can’t see the slides on them all that well. Which can pose a problem with lecturers, who rely heavily on their slides for visibility. Later on, I’ve seen that VideoLectures solve this problem by showing pictures of slides next to the video itself, which is a pretty neat solution. I’ve been thinking about implementing this to Kiberpipa lecture videos, however the problem is, that Kiberpipa doesn’t have the manpower, to watch all the videos and tag the exact slide timings in it.

"From Doom to Crysis" lecture video published

Some time ago I had a lecture in Kiberpipa about 3D game engine history titled “From Doom to Crysis” (Od Pogube do Krize) with some very nice demonstrations and anecdotes of modern 3D game engines and their older counterparts. The video is now available on Kiberpipa video archive with slides available on Slideshare (I suggest downloading original pptx file for embedded videos). The lecture is in Slovenian language. It’s also available on my YouTube channel:

Nokia, Ovi Store and seriousness

In my earlier post when I was ranting over I posted a screenshot of Prevoz application for Nokia mobile phones. It is a WRT widget developed as part of Nokia App Forum competition. The application has been complete for some time now and it was submitted to Ovi Store a little less than a month ago. Since then, we received response after 8 days, that there is a typo in metadata.

On Phonegap and mobile development

PhoneGap is a small JavaScript framework with big promises: it’s promising easy development of cross-platform mobile apps - write your application once in combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, then publish it on Android Market, Apple AppStore and Nokia OviStore. It’s goal is to expose platform-specific device capabilities in such a way, that you can run the application on all devices without any special per-platform customization. If you are a mobile development and have started chuckling when reading the first paragraph: you were largely right.

ZFS-Fuse 0.6.9 on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx

On 4th of June the ZFS-Fuse project has released new stable version of the ZFS filesystem for Linux. Notable new features in the 0.6.9 version are: ZFS pool updated to version 23 deduplication support zpool split capability lowered and optimized memory consumption numerous bug and stability fixes According to several sources, the zfs-fuse is mature and stable enough to trust data to it. ZFS is still the most advanced filesystem available and it still offers more usable features than even upcoming btrfs.