Jernej Virag

September, 2016

What's new in 2016

August, 2015

Profiling native NDK code in Android

Home button not working after flashing to Android Marshmallow

July, 2015

Use ccache with CMake for faster compilation

June, 2015

Encoding videos for YouTube with FFMpeg

March, 2015

Talk about live web video streaming on WebCamp Ljubljana

January, 2015

Publishing Gradle Android Library to Jcenter

July, 2014

Project spotlight: Slovenian part-of-speech tagger for Python

April, 2014

Apache Solr Webcamp talk slides and links

Project spotlight: PySolarized Solr library

March, 2014

Playing video with effects using OpenGL on Android

December, 2013

Solr slovenian lemmatizer updated with easier installation

November, 2013

Lemmagen slovenian lemmatizer available for python

October, 2013

Simple article summarization

July, 2013

Slovene lemmatization in Solr

November, 2012

Streaming live WebM video with FFmpeg

October, 2012

Speeding up your Android emulator

Converting UTC struct_time to datetime in Python

June, 2012

Must-have libraries in modern Android developer toolbox

H.264 web video encoding tutorial with FFmpeg

January, 2012

WebM web video encoding tutorial with FFMpeg

October, 2011

Web video lecture published

July, 2011

Prevoz 2.0 for Android finally out of the limbo

June, 2011

Bicikel app updated

May, 2011

Rent-a-cycle info in Ljubljana, project done

March, 2011

A new project is born: recorded lectures and slides

January, 2011

"From Doom to Crysis" lecture video published

September, 2010

Nokia, Ovi Store and seriousness

July, 2010

On Phonegap and mobile development

June, 2010

ZFS-Fuse 0.6.9 on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx

May, 2010

Dispatching operations to UI thread in Silverlight

February, 2010

Enumerate physical drives in Windows

Convert OpenSSH private key to PuTTY private key for GitHub

Simple division algorithm for ARM assembler

Sabayon Linux 4.2, my take

Multi-touch on Windows

Hardware troubles

Debugging power problems in Windows 7

Application GUI to OS integration rant